A World-Class Hike Right on our Doorstep

The first day of the Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk started early and in this case, it actually started in Melbourne.  The tour bus picked up the guests from the hotel and drove them to the Twelve Apostles Lodge. Amongst the group of guests on this trip were two champions with massive, enthusiastic smiles on their faces.  

These two particular guests were something of an inspiration to the other guests.  They were experienced, serial hikers and were defiant in their youthful approach to life.

They have travelled all around the world to some of the best hiking locations our planet has to offer and were eager to tick the Great Ocean Walk off their bucket list.  They didn’t want to just hike the Great Ocean Walk however, they were looking to do it in a way that offered a bit more comfort.


Great Ocean Walk - Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk is on our doorstep



Introducing Lynette and Alan:  Guests - Australian Walking Company

Lynette and Alan were fun and energetic. They were keen to see the beautiful sights of the Great Ocean Walk and were very interested to learn as much local and natural knowledge as they could from the Guides.  They embodied the values of living life to the fullest, enjoying every moment and laughing as much as possible.

“This is absolutely world-class and it's right on our back doorstep,” Lynette said, sipping her wine and enjoying the foot spa.  “We had no idea that there was such a beautiful walk here. And we just feel so lucky to have discovered it and decided to come because it's just been awesome.”


Great Ocean Walk - Discovering such a beautiful walk



A multi-day hike that makes the Twelve Apostles as comfortable as possible

Traditionally speaking, hiking is synonymous with roughing it.  Images of sleeping in the dirt, being cold, rationing water and eating just enough to stay alive springs to mind.  

For the Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk, however, hiking is synonymous with comfort.  The eco-friendly lodge has a chef, a great selection of wine, foot spas, individual and double rooms, comfortable beds, pillows, heaters and an up-to-date newspaper.

“It is an absolute luxury to stay at the lodge. We're just treated so well,“ Tanya said as she explained what it’s like to stay at the lodge.  “The food is fabulous. I try to live a healthy lifestyle and it's fitted in perfectly. The lodge is very comfortable, you're very much welcomed. It's just a beautiful place on this planet.”


Great Ocean Walk - A fun way to see the Twelve Apostles on the Great Ocean Walk


The art of multi-day walks is being well-rested

As you walk along the Great Ocean Walk, the track takes you through locations that provide space for campers.  That might sound good for some, but for many, what they want is more comfort at the end of a full day of hiking.

Warm showers, gourmet food, beautiful wine, heaters and a comfortable bed help make each day more pleasant and less of a grind.  The eco-friendly lodge provides a home away from home and allows guests to recover fully, to be able to tackle the next day in a way that is more enjoyable.

“The support of the lodge team has been fabulous,” Alan said. “It's right on our doorstep. Why didn't we come here sooner? 10 out of 10 honestly.” 

“No, no, not 10 out of 10. 11 out of 10,” Lynette said correcting Alan. “The Guides have been great! Very knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, and just fun to be with.”

“Tom was late with morning tea though…” Alan said jokingly.

“Yeah, but when he got there, it was good,”  Lynette said laughing with Alan.