One minute video, two minute read

Never been on a multi-day walk? Apprehensive about roughing it out there in the wilds? Like to walk but also don’t mind being served up a delicious two-course meal at the day’s end rather than something from a can? This is where the Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk steps in.

We understand that some love to walk, but they don’t want to busy themselves with the hours of prep, or crawling into a tent at the end of a 13km walk. This is why we have designed our walk to be as much about the trail as it is about that glass of regional wine at the finish line.

This is walking where we take care of everything. Your task – just one foot in front of the other and dreamy thoughts of long-table dining and a comfy bed.


Am I fit enough? Will I make it? I’ve always wanted to walk over a number of days but I don’t like the idea of carrying a cumbersome pack and bunkering down in a tent. If this sounds like you, we understand. Many of our guests have tossed about the same concerns before stepping out on our Twelve Apostles mission.

The good news is that we guide you through every step of the way. We make sure you follow a solid program so that you are walking fit and can feel confident to make the distance. For each day, we’ll gather around the map and point out the journey ahead. We’ll even carry the heavy stuff so that you’re light and breezy with a day pack – weighed down only by your nourishing lunch, water, camera and personal items.

Feel a blister coming on? Let us take care of it. Not sure you can make the distance? Your trusty guide will be right there, whispering encouragement and monitoring pace. This is no solo expedition – this is a multi-day walk that may feel out of your comfort zone – but might also be the most rewarding experience of your life.


Yes, we know, we know. It’s not just about all those kilometres in the forest or a beach that feels far longer than it looked. We understand that pulling up to the lodge at the end of a day’s walking deserves a serious reward! That’s why our host and chef busy themselves with ensuring your comfort is paramount.

What’s it like at our eco-friendly private lodging? It’s like showing up to a good friend’s place. Retreat for a warm rainforest shower and let the day’s physical challenges run off you. Myrtle & Moss toiletries are at the ready. Relax in your own spacious quarters – perhaps you’ve opted for the king bedroom with generous en suite. Stylish and well-appointed, there’s even a hairdryer on this bushwalk!

The deep foot spas naturally have some type of magnetic pull … don’t be surprised if you’re not the first to line up along the bench. With feet soaking, those guides that led you through the Eucalypts you’ll notice are equally adept at talking through the regional wines and adjusting your water heat just right.

There’s a great fire pit that flickers away, inviting conversations among new friends. The library brims with books, board games and even the day’s papers for those keen to stay in touch with the outside world. It doesn’t really matter how you spend your post-walking time, but you certainly needn’t worry about dinner. That’s taken care of. Two wonderful courses, prepared with local produce.

Each night, fall into a cosy bed beneath the stars. There’s no roughing it when it comes to our style of walking. Drift off, wrapped in comfort and style.

Feeling like you’re ready for that multi-day walk you’ve been talking about? Talk to us, we’ll be with you on your journey. Take the next step.