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If you’ve travelled the world with your hiking boots and ticked off some of the world’s greatest trails, it typically means your expectations hover high. When Australians Lynette and Alan decide to join the Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk, the serial hikers find a world-class experience in their own backyard.

Yes, they can do the Great Ocean Walk solo but the couple decides comfort is in order. Their adventure begins in Melbourne’s CBD where they join a cosy group of hikers and three hours later are stepping into lodge life. The Twelve Apostles Lodge is their first hint of the quality and class to come as they drop bags into their king-sized room with en suite (no tent required!).


Lynette and Alan are life long learners. They are not just out for a wander along one of Australia’s most spectacular coastlines but are curious about the fauna, flora, history and landscape. Our guides are only too happy to impart tales of what’s coined Shipwreck Coast, point out shifts in geology and walk through bountiful local and natural knowledge.

The pair know about service and delight in the cool drinks waiting at the end of each walk. They don’t have to carry loads of extra water and navigate their way across a map mid-walk, the guides have it sorted. With just a light day pack each, they’re weighed down only by a scrumptious lunch prepared by the chef that morning.

“This is absolutely world-class and it's right on our back doorstep,” Lynette said, sipping her wine and enjoying the foot spa. “We had no idea that there was such a beautiful walk here. And we just feel so lucky to have discovered it and decided to come because it's just been awesome.”


For Lynette and Alan, after kilometres of walking there is no tent to put up and re-hydrated food to prep. On arrival back at the Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk daily, their only decision is whether to go for a foot spa first or sit by the roaring fire pit with a glass of wine as canapes appear.

The eco-friendly lodging with its architectural design impresses, particularly with its nod to sustainability. Their rainforest shower is a welcome cleanse after each day on the trail. The well-appointed lodge library is also a hotspot for these global travellers.

Each evening, after perhaps a long soaking foot spa, they gather with fellow walkers for a two-course long table dinner. With a commitment to regional produce, it’s little wonder the meals are a wholesome highlight. The onsite market garden and tending chef ensure maximum nourishment, paired with a great selection of local wines.

“It is an absolute luxury to stay at the lodge. We're just treated so well,“ Lynette said as she explained what it’s like to stay at the lodge.  “The food is fabulous. I try to live a healthy lifestyle and it's fitted in perfectly. The lodge is very comfortable, you're very much welcomed. It's just a beautiful place on this planet.”

Are you thinking about the Great Ocean Walk with a touch of comfort … someone to fill that foot spa? Take the next step.