Why the Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk is good for the Mind, Body and Soul

Everyone’s reasons for going on a multi-day walk is different.  For some it’s about escaping, for others it’s for fun and for a few it’s about finding something special about themselves.

Being in a beautiful place, surrounded by amazing people, moving your body and eating healthy food, helps people find exactly what they are looking for.  Even though what people are looking for is individual, the Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk provides an opportunity for you to find it.

You might be a first-time hiker looking for the extra support to help you with the challenges you might face on a multi-day hike. Or you could be an experienced walker looking to have fun and learn about the landscape with the added benefit of delicious food.  Or you could be someone like Tanya, who was looking for an opportunity to step outside her comfort zone in a way that was enjoyable.


Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk - Why everyone should walk the Twelve apostles


Introducing Tanya McIntyre:  Guest - Australian Walking Company

The Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk is a combination of one of Australia’s most iconic landscapes with the added value of affordable luxury.  The Great Ocean Walk and the Twelve Apostles is not only stunning, but it is also rich in historical stories and natural value.

The track winds from beaches to cliff edges, through thick scrub to spacious eucalyptus forests.  Along the way, guests are guided to stunning lookout points for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

As guests walk comfortably and take in their surrounds, the guides share tales of shipwrecks and heroic stories of survival. The diverse landscape showcases a range of natural colours and stunning panoramic views of a coastline that is both beautiful and inspirational.  

“It's amazing, everyone should do this. It's so good for your soul,” Tanya said smiling with the Great Ocean Walk coastline disappearing off into the distance. “Breathe fresh air and see these beautiful scenes, with lovely people and being part of a tour like this one, it's just amazing. You feel safe and the overall experience is amazing.”


Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk - Why the lodge walk is comfortable


A multi-day hike that makes the Twelve Apostles as comfortable as possible

Traditionally speaking, hiking is synonymous with roughing it.  Images of sleeping in the dirt, being cold, rationing water and eating just enough to stay alive springs to mind.  

For the Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk, however, hiking is synonymous with comfort.  The eco-friendly lodge has a chef, a great selection of wine, foot spas, individual and double rooms, comfortable beds, pillows, heaters and an up-to-date newspaper.

“It is an absolute luxury to stay at the lodge. We're just treated so well,“ Tanya said as she explained what it’s like to stay at the lodge.  “The food is fabulous. I try to live a healthy lifestyle and it's fitted in perfectly. The lodge is very comfortable, you're very much welcomed. It's just a beautiful place on this planet.”


Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk - The Most Comfortable way to experience 12 apostles


Living life as much as you can

These types of experiences are not for everyone, many people prefer to simply stay at home.  But for the those who want to live a little more, who want to experience something different, learn something new and meet interesting people, this is for you. 

Some parts of the walk are challenging, they are big days with plenty of inclines.  The good news is though, you have plenty of support from experienced guides and are encouraged to take your time.  In the end, the reward for your efforts is worth it when you reach the Twelve Apostles.

Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk with a group of lovely walkers

“I think we're privileged in our country to be able to do things like this safely,” Tanya said. “We have this beautiful scenery that we can enjoy. I have a big belief of just making the most of every day and enjoying life as much as you can, knowing that we are blessed and we have a health and we're alive and we're here.”