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You’ve likely heard of the Twelve Apostles – maybe even pulled the car up and taken in these geological wonders. But imagine the reward of walking to them. What would it be like to pull on your boots and look ahead, watching as the looming limestone stacks draw larger? This is what The Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk is all about and so much more. Not only do we trek one of Australia’s most iconic coastal landscapes, but each evening return to eco-friendly lodging and share long table dinners. This is four days of walking with a side of luxe.


If you’re going to go for a walk, why not make it along one of the country’s most epic coastlines. You’ll cover a touch over 30 kilometres, hugging the clifftops, diving down onto wide open beaches and venturing through large stands of Eucalypt. The path weaves and surprises.

On your first day, prepare to walk around three hours with waiting cool drinks at the beach’s end. The two middle days average about 6.5 hours of walking each, followed by a further three-hour walk on the final day. There’s even the option to take a dip in the river after one of our walks and always refreshing drinks to raise.

If your style of walking is about sea vistas, sandy strolling, challenging climbs and great company, join the apostles on this coastal pilgrimage.


As we head out on the trails each day, an expert guide is by your side. These folks don’t just know the landscape intimately, but love it. Their passion is palpable. They’ll stop you in your walking tracks with knowledge about dinosaurs roaming a certain patch. They’ll share snippets about shipwrecks and lead you to the best cliffside morning tea locales. It’s one thing to take a walk along this coast, it’s quite another to have the insights, historical tales, flora and fauna names and cheery banter by your stride.

They are your map, your extra water supply carrier and your walking encyclopedia of the region. Keep them close!


At the architecturally-designed lodge, the host and cook busy themselves for your uber comfort. While you’re unlacing boots, they’re prepping canapes and the evening meal. While you’re under a steaming rainforest shower, they’re lighting the fire pit for chatter late into the eve about your day’s walking.

Life around the lodge is about relaxing back. Feel like a foot spa? Just say the word, and it’ll be served up with your favourite sip. Or get lost in the library, packed full of good reading. There are many ways to spend the hours in this tree-hugged hideaway.

Each evening a two-course shared dinner awaits. Your task after all those kilometres is to simply pull up a chair. Later, sink into a plump pillow knowing everything is sorted for the next day. Your breakfast will be out ready, the trail ahead sorted and a scrumptious lunch for your backpack already prepared. Now, that’s the way to walk!

If it’s time to feed your body, mind and soul we’ll be thrilled to hear from you. Take the next step.