A multi-day hike both beautiful and comfortable

One of the main reasons people don’t go hiking is because they believe it’s just too difficult.  

The Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk is a great option for first-time hikers.  It allows people to take on the challenge of a multi-day hike in a way that is a lot more comfortable.

On each tour, guests have two professional and experienced guides on the trip, helping them embrace the challenge and celebrating the walk and also sharing knowledge of the stunning landscape.

Best of all, on the Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk, guests have exclusive access to our Twelve Apostles Lodge, featuring comfortable beds, hot showers, foot spas, great food, wine and the support of our Lodge crew. This means that guests can spend more time focusing on simply enjoying the experience.

Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk Testimonial - Gladys

Introducing Gladys:  Guest - Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk 

If you have never been on a multi-day hike before, it’s normal to have concerns about how you will feel during the hike.  For Gladys, she wanted a hike that took her to beautiful places but also offered the comfort she was used to. 

The most important part of her experience was having a place to relax and recover each evening after a long day of hiking.

Some parts of the Great Ocean Walk are more challenging, there are inclines that take you to beautiful views.  However, if you are not used to this type of exercise, you will find it challenging.

You have the support of experienced guides who will help you complete the walk.  No one is rushed, you can take as many breaks as you need and you will gain a sense of achievement when you finish each day.

“There are some parts that I almost felt like giving up,” Gladys said reflecting on the challenging part of the walk.  “I just push myself on and I'm actually quite glad I made it and I've learned a lot from the trip.”

A very comfortable bed each evening, Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk

“For a first-timer like me and doing a multi-day walk, having a nice, comfortable place to go back to is is very important.” Gladys said, “You know the bed is comfortable and you have a nice place. A hot shower at the end and the food has been very delicious as well. And I've enjoyed coming back with a warm foot spa and relaxing with wine. You get a reward after a long, long day.”