Lyn Atkinson

Three Capes / Tasman Peninsula    March 2019

Walk review from Lyn Atkinson, Three Capes / Tasman Peninsula Tasmania

My daughter suggested I join their group of 9 and walk the Three Capes Lodge Walk in March.


As I am nearing 70 and her group were all younger I have to admit I was apprehensive, however on arriving I discovered that there were two other fabulous ladies the same age! We more senior members of the group had no trouble doing the walk, despite the fact that I had done no walking training leading up to the walk, to protect my arthritic knees and make sure they were not too sore before I started!

I had been a regular gym goer to make sure I was strong and found that I had no trouble re fitness. There certainly are a lot of steps but the track is really not difficult.

We had three fantastic guides, Kira, James and Hesh, who did a wonderful job. The guides work very hard, not only guiding us and being knowledgeable but they carry heavy packs, prepare delicious meals and clean up after us!

The coastal views are absolutely stunning and the lodges are beautiful. Immersing yourself into the freezing pool and then under the hot shower after the 2nd and 3rd days cured any aching legs. This is a great walk and very well run. Our group had a fantastic four days with many laughs, both on the walk and in the Lodges at the end of the day.

A dip in the ocean in Fortescue Bay ended a great trip.

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