Your Walking Tour Guides

Guests consistently agree in their feedback that our Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk guides are our most outstanding asset.  

What truly defines the professionalism, passion and dedication of our guides is their unparalleled focus on delivering an exemplary guided walking experience for you.  This is reinforced by their strong working knowledge of the local flora, fauna, geology and history, complemented by a passion for local produce and cooking skills that deliver a diversity of delicious cuisine each evening.

We consider our guides to be highly trained experience artisans that bring together all the attributes of a great walk to deliver something that is truly unforgettable.  Our guides are the principle reason why so many of our guests choose to return and walk with us again to discover the diversity of incredible guided walking experiences we offer across Australia.

Finn Wrigley

Finn Wrigley

A scuba dive guide who enjoys making pottery and canoe paddles, Finnian is a guide with varied talents.

Finnian isn’t your average guide. Outdoor educator by trade, he’s also learnt AUSLAN, the majority sign language for Australia’s deaf community. He finds peace in the wilderness no matter whether the sun is out or it’s hailing.

Along the 12 Apostles Lodge Walk, ask Finnian about reptiles and amphibious creatures - he finds them intriguing and beautiful. He loves a good chat with guests and feels he often learns as much as he imparts. When he’s not guiding, he enjoys bike touring, pottery, making canoe paddles and fixing things. Oh, and he loves snapping up a good bargain on Facebook Marketplace!

Jesse Tenzin Rain Holden

Jesse Tenzin Rain Holden

Jesse has a self-confessed romantic attraction to rocks. Ask him anything about them.

Jessie is a young man that gets excited by the natural world and is ever hopeful for humanity. Just ask and he’ll enthusiastically share how it’s all connected, indulge in the fundamentals of existence and, likely, not get you lost along the way.

This passionate Tasmanian will gently set boundaries of environmental care while reconnecting guests with the natural world. Jesse thrives on people, place and conversations. He’s a deep thinker whose knowledge bank is as varied as his past times. When he’s not climbing, he’s mountain biking. When he’s not making music, he’s carving something from wood. Then again, he might be cooking or studying.